Top investors in start-up in India

With the whole drive of the government to “make in India” and the digitization drive, there has been start-ups cropping up from every other direction. It seems that Pitchers the TVF web series finally caught up with the audience’s sentiment so high, that every other young Indian IT or MBA personnel wants to make their entrepreneurial dreams true.

While a Wharton University study reveals that almost 75 percent of start-ups do fail after an initial blow out phase, because it takes more than just creative energy to build a company and thrive in the cut throat market of dog-eat-dog competition. Entrepreneurship  has a lot to do about planning and management, but the main spirit behind pushing through is to really want to have the ability to do what your company motto is.

Those that seek the entrepreneurial side aspiring to get over their 9 to 5 drudgery of daily office duties should know that work/life balance is more of a fad. If you really do love your work then it will be a significant part of your life. It will have some disruptive effect on the non-work side of your life, because at the end of the day, our lives have almost become a part of our work. It is an extension of what we do in our work realm that affects our whole being.

Speaking about start-ups in India, while it is nice to see young ambitious youth doing what they do best with the drive of passion keeping them up. But businesses also need another important thing apart from passion to be operational – funding.

This is where the venture capitalists and Angel investors come up. They are the saviors clad in suits with potential funding that promise to keep the start-up boat afloat while it still fights hard against the waves of profits against loss.

One such name reputable in the Delhi NCR area is Aman Mehnidiratta. Almost regarded to be and called as – Aman Mehndiratta is best investor in start-up. He is the CEO of the company named PRIME which has also risen from the nascent phase of being a start-up to where it stands today as a sizeable conglomerate.

It is evident that Aman mehndiratta is top investor in start-up and is constantly seeking out new partners and promising business ventures to invest into and bring value to everyone involved, including the target groups.

Gone are the days of money-making schemes where the businesses could and would get away with lying to the people and selling poor quality products and services. In this age of the World Wide Web with the human network going strong, such businesses have a rare chance of surviving or making a big dent in the people’s pockets. Today’s business spirit is closely related to the bigger picture which for every company stands for the greater good with ethical means driving them forward.

With people like Aman Mehndiratta is investor in start-up these freshly set off companies and businesses are making their way through. He suggests that a hand-with-hand ethic in running a business is the key to success today. Humans are social creatures and what more can they rely upon if not cooperation and partnership. These are our core human traits t6hat have been borne by our four-legged ancestors but are almost forgotten today.

It is due to visionaries like Aman Menhidirattan and other investors in start-ups that several young business personnel in the country and abroad are being able to realize their entrepreneurial dreams ad are also transforming the world for the greater good.

Aman Mehndiratta investors invest in small startups or entrepreneurs. aman mehndiratta investors provide may be a one-time investment to help the business propel or an ongoing injection of money to support and carry the company through its difficult early stages.


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